Revolutionizing Minecraft server hosting

RocketPanel was built to allow you to eaily and intuitively manage your Minecraft server hosting company, or even small community servers.


A better way for users to manage their servers

Via our containerized, and daemonized server hosting system we can bring a whole new level of security to Minecraft server hosting

Containers ensure servers can't interfere with other users servers. For example, if you have a plugin that interfaces with files, it can only access its server.
We built RocketPanel to be scalable, and speedy. Using tools such as load balancing, sockets, and other tools you'll notice the difference in speed while using our platform.
Built for server hosts
Our API allows you to easily build us into your pre-built payment platform, and we have made our entire platform daemonized so you can have multiple servers running in different places.
Our developers have been working on services for a long time, and understand the common pitfalls which create large security problems. We regullarly run tests on our service to ensure security, and work with community members to ensure our security.


Everything your users need

Unlimited Servers

You can create as many servers at no addition price to you. Not to mention, you have full-reign to create your own game plugins!

Database & FTP Intergration

We allow your users to create Databases, and FTP connections to their servers.

Containerized Servers

We containerize your servers via Docker, this ensures your players servers are secure from being tampered with by other other users.


Free updates, and upgrades. No additonal price for you!


$5Panelplus$1.5Per daemon/month

  • Unlimited servers
  • Unlimited players
  • Total control
  • Free support
  • Free updates
  • Cancel anytime
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